Om Sakthi Organisation

Om Sakthi Organisation was initiated in 2011 to conduct regular prayer meetings dedicated to Sakthi – Divine Source of Universal Energy personified as “AMMA” the Divine Mother.

During the sessions Mantras are Chanted, Fruits and Flowers are offered, and a Traditional Pooja (Religious Ceremony) is carried out to glorify the Divine Source of Energy as the Divine Mother – “AMMA”.

The organisation is also dedicated to teach Vedantham – Science of Emancipation, including Yoga, Meditation and Good Moral Conduct and Values.

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Event of this month

Dear Sakthi Devotee, With Arulthiru Amma's blessings, on 15-12-19 Sunday the "2nd Guru Kannikai Annadhana Event" is organized at Melmaruvathur by devotees. Like last year, please come and participate with Annadhana Provisions. Dhal, Oil tin, Sugar etc can be donated at Annadhana koodam. Items are also available to get from Siddhar peedam. Participate and get Arulthiru Amma's immense blessings. Time : 9 AM. Please forward and tell to your friends and relatives too. Let them also reap the benefits we get from AMMA.

Om Sakthi Organisation Welcomes You

Divine Source of Universal Energy personified as “AMMA” the Divine Mother.


Work With Passion! Don’t live in Falsehood:

“Earlier the sacred ash was given to build a temple. For the growth of the temple today, your service is necessary. Mother expects only your service. Not gold or ornaments.”

Moola Mantra

Om Sakthiye! ParaSakthiye!
Om Sakthiye! Adhi ParaSakthiyel
Om Sakthiye! Maruvur Arasiye!
Om Sakthiye! Om Vinayagha!
Om Sakthiye! Om Kamatchiye!
Om Sakthiye! Om Bangaru Kamatchiye!

Om Sakthi

பத்துபேர் சேர்ந்து ஓம் சக்தி என்று சொன்னால் அவனவன் உள்ளே இருக்கிற ஆன்மா குளிர்கிறது.

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