About Us

Om Sakthi Organisation was initiated in 2011 to conduct regular prayer meetings dedicated to Sakthi – Divine Source of Universal Energy personified as “AMMA” the Divine Mother.

During the sessions Mantras are Chanted, Fruits and Flowers are offered, and a Traditional Pooja (Religious Ceremony) is carried out to glorify the Divine Source of Energy as the Divine Mother – “AMMA”.

The organisation is also dedicated to teach Vedantham – Science of Emancipation, including Yoga, Meditation and Good Moral Conduct and Values.

The aim is to educate the community and the youth in particular to seek inspiration and guidance from Sakthi to carry out their day to day activities whether it is their place of work, school or home with diligence, love, compassion and understanding. We believe this will help us overcome fear, anxiety, hatred and anger, instead develop peace, happiness and contentment.

Our prayer sessions are all inclusive where people attending the sessions take an active part in the proceedings. This helps develop closer ties within the community and leads to the establishment of stronger personal relationships. Benefits of the past sessions are being realised by members of the community through a greater level of consciousness, mental composure, confidence and hope for the future.

The Om Sakthi Organisation, which was initiated in 2011, is an organisation which conducts regular Hindu prayers for more than 200 people. This organisation has been set up to teach the community about chant mantras, Hindu culture, yoga, meditation and good behaviours.

From the day we started to our current position, it is clearly evident that there has been a significant improvement in the cultural understanding and discipline of both the youths and the adults that participate. For example, the youths in the community have been taught the art to conducting a pooja (prayers), both in preparation and in through the actual chant mantras and meditation. Not only has this increased the percentage of those getting relaxed, but it has also allowed them to study and work more efficiently like responsible citizens in the community.

Call : 0451 352 099 / 07 ‭3195 7894 | Email : omsakthi.qld@gmail.com