Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam

Melmaruvathur Swayambu (that has come without human intervention) Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam is situated on the Madras-Trichi highway, at a distance of 92kms from Madras.

Bangaru Adigalar incarnated on 3.3.1941 as the eldest Divine son of Gopal Nayakkar who had been leading a prosperous life in Melmaruvathur. The Mother Adhiparasakthi has chosen Adigalar to manifest Herself through him in order to exhibit to the world by Her divine play or miracles the rise of spirituality. The Mother has already manifested herself on one occasion to Adigalar as a cobra during his childhood days. During another occasion she has quenched his thirst.

During the festival of a small temple situated in the street where Sri Gopala Nayakkar resided, the school going boy, Bangaru Adigalar, had divine possession. At that time the Mother said, “I shall manifest myself through Bangaru boy and through him eliminate the misery of people; and bestow divine oracle”. Sri Gopala Nayakkar replied that it would be beneficial if she resided in the 20 acre land situated towards the west of the street. The Mother too accepted the offer.

There was a neem tree in the place where there is now ‘Siddhar Peetam’, the sanctum sanctorium. The milk that dripped down the tree had been tasty. That cured the diseases of many. This milk shedding neem tree got uprooted during the heavy storm that raged on November 27, 1966. The snake pit under the neem tree got dissolved and the ‘Swayambu’ (Manifested Self) appeared beneath the snake pit. That is in fact the ‘swaymabu’ that we worship even today. It is the divine oracle of the Mother that the ‘Swayambu’ has appeared 2000 years ago.

It is reckoned that this siddhar peetam is the 71st peetam, siddhar forest, among the 108 siddhar peetams. Melmaruvathur ‘siddhar peetam’ is the place where Adhiparasakthi has manifested herself in the human form in the incarnation of Adigalar to relate herself with the spiritual selves and the divine speaks to foster the spiritual devotion.

Though it appears as a temple in form, it is different in the custom and tradition that it follows. It is a divine ‘peetam’ which showers grace on all with no discrimination of nation, caste, religion and gender. In fact, this ‘peetam’ stands as a force to attract the people of the world and where many gain love for humanity and do several services, taught through the dictum, “service to man is service to god”. The basis for all these happenings is “Mother’s Divine Oracle”. The Divine Oracle is the source and “Adigalar” is the origin.

The first Divine Oracle was given to a devotee from Achirupakkam at 1a.m. on a Tuesday night in December 1970. Adhiparasakthi is the leader of the ‘siddhars’. Siddhars possess eight ‘siddhis’. They bestowed their oracles by moving from one body to another. We call that which is higher than ‘foretelling’ as ‘Divine Oracle’.

The Divine Oracle bestowed by the Mother is the teaching of a great Guru. It can be seen in the subsequent chapters. We shall pray to the Mother Adhiparasakthi and the spiritual mentor Thiru Adigalar so that the devotees read them and gain greatness in life.

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